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23-24.75. Hat Size (USA) 6 5/8 – 7 1/2. 7 3/8 – 7 7/8. ACH/MICH Size Equivalent. S/M/L. L/XL. Two sets of comfort pads (thin and thick) included with both sizes for further customization. Additional colors and hydrographics available upon request.

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UAS AS-202 BALLISTIC HELMET RETENTION SYSTEMS. ASPS H-Back System. Retention System available in Black, Tan, Foliage Green or Olive Green. UAS 301 PASGT Ballistic Helmet. UAS 301 PASGT Ballistic Helmet. UAS 301 PASGT Ballistic Helmet. The UAS 301 is NIJ 0106.01 independently tested and is designed to defeat Level IIIA threats from handgun rounds.

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HighCom Striker ACH Mid Cut. BALLISTIC ROUNDS TESTED. .357 Magnum Jacketed Soft Point (JSP) 9mm Full Metal Jacketed Round Nose (FMJ RN) .44 Magnum Semi Jacketed Hollow Point (SJHP) US MIL-STD Frag 2 gr. RCC. US MIL-STD Frag 4 gr. RCC. US MIL-STD Frag 16 gr. RCC. US MIL-STD Frag 64 gr. RCC.

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THE United Shield ACH MICH Ballistic Helmet is available in two options; 1. ACH/MICH MIL This helmet uses a 7-pad system to enhance comfort and stability. 2. ACH/MICH LE This helmet uses the traditional mesh 4-point harness to enhance size adjustability, air flow and heat management. Specifications.

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MICH is the system, ACH is basically the helmet portion of the system. Both terms are interchangeable. I'm not sure what you mean by MAS. MSA is a brand that makes ACH helmets. As does Gentex and BAE. There are also 3 basic styles of MICH/ACH helmets. 2000, 2001, and 20002. Often prefaced by "TC" (eg: TC-2001) (Left to right) 2000 is standard ...

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Fits ACH/MICH Style Helmets; ... Sizing: Circumference is measured around the head, similar to hat sizing. All sizes are measured in inches. If a measurement falls on a dividing line between sizes, select the larger of the two sizes to ensure maximum ballistic protection. ... Advanced Combat Helmet Level IIIA Mid Cut[/caption] [caption id ...

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Head Protection: Front, back, crown, and top of the head. Adjustable Harness: Multiple harness options, comes standard with 4 pt harness. Padding: D3O TRUST 7 Pad helmet system. Carrier Color Options. Striker Helmet ULACH. Striker Helmet ULACH High Cut. Striker Helmet ULACH Mid Cut. BALLISTIC ROUNDS TESTED. .357 Magnum Jacketed Soft Point (JSP)

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SIZING NOTE: MICH helmet sizing is different from PASGT sizing - you may go up one size in the ACH helmet. Do not use your old PASGT size – Take a new measurement When you first try it on, the MICH helmet will probably feel tight if the pads are cold. See the instruction booklet for pad placement ideas, and try on with different pad setups ...

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Skydex Velcro Brand Discs For Helmet Pads, 18 Pack. $ 6.99. Features: Hook Field On Back. Compatible with the MICH Helmet. Compatible with the ACH Helmet. For the PASGT Helmet. Issue Type: USGI. Manufactured by:

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The MICH ranges in weight from about 3 lb (1.36 kg) (size medium) to just over 3.6 lb (1.63 kg) (extra large). It uses a new, more advanced type of Kevlar and provides increased protection against handgun rounds.. A pad system and four-point retention system, similar to the cushions and straps found on the aforementioned skate, bicycle, and water helmets, replaces the nylon …

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The High Cut Ballistic helmet is a light weight version of the ACH and MICH helmets with high cut above the ear area of the skull. It is the preferred helmet by Special Forces because of its light weight and affords less impingement from the helmet shell on to headsets. Standard Lead time is 2-4 weeks ARO. Material : Kevlar.

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The CAM FIT™H-Back Chinstrap is compatible with ACH, MICH, TC2000 series ballistic helmet styles and many other ballistic helmets with 4-point retention mounting holes. Size M/L fits a face circumference range of 26-29" (this size fits most ACH M, L, and some XL wearers). Size XL fits a face circumference range of 27.5-32.5".

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The ACH/MICH Helmet was designed to replace the in service PASGT helmet. The ACH/MICH helmet features a reduced weight, higher cut at the back and sides and removal of the front peak. This new low profile provides excellent compatibility with communications equipment, gas masks and especially helmet mounted night vision goggles.

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This helmet is the real deal but it's being sold strictly as an awesome collectible or a prop to be used in a play, a military tribute, or as part of a costume. The Advanced Combat Helmet (ACH) is based on the MICH (Modular Integrated Communications Helmet) design and provides an improved helmet to soldiers, replacing the older PASGT.

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The MICH helmet is an ACH helmet (Advanced Combat Helmet), which is used by the U.S. military and others. It is made as a low cut helmet so you get better protection on the side of the head. It has most of the same features as the ballistic ARCH helmet. The difference is that the MICH helmet is low cut, where an ARCH helmet is a high cut helmet.

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2500 W Broadway St. Sweetwater, Texas 79556. Sign up to get the latest on sales, new releases and more …. Ballistic Helmets & Tactical Helmet Accessories.

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Sizing. M/L, XL. Chin Cup Style. Constructed of 5/8" inch nylon webbing. Ultra-suede chin-cup lining ensures a maximum comfort and chafe-free wear at any temperature. Available in Left Eye Dominant? No. Shell type compatibility. ACH, MICH, TC2000 Ballistic Helmet styles and many other ballistic helmets with 4-point retention mounting holes

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There are several reasons that individuals would pick the PASGT over a surplus ACH, MICH, or FAST type helmet. Likely the most significant factor is cost: Pre-coronavirus, the cost of a PASGT could be as little as $50, ranging towards $100 today. In comparison a surplus ACH would start at $100, creeping towards $200 today.

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There's the USMC LWH, the RBR helmets, CVC based helmets, in addition to the ACH & MICH helmets and the new hotnesses. Edit. Yes, there are better options out there than the PASGT helmets. 3. Share. Report Save. level 1 · 1y. Great write up! Just a heads up, PASGT's are still produced today in limited supply, but mostly to ACH standards.

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The Head-Loc RS was developed to improve safety, comfort and stability of chinstraps used in MICH/ACH ballistic helmets. Every component, down to each stitch pattern, was designed specifically for this purpose, giving the ACH greater utility than ever before.

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Ballistic Face Shield – Level IIIA. United Shield International offers the level IIIA ballistic face shield to provide IIIA protection, including 9mm and .44mag. This face shield is used in conjunction with and ACH/Mich and PASGT/PST SC650 style helmet and is available in a retro fit application to the helmet. The face is constructed of a ...

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The ACH has been credited with "taking the bullet" and saving several soldiers' lives during combat. It was named one of the 10 Best Inventions of 2002 by the US Army Material Command. Now this same helmet, battle-tested in Iraq and Afghanistan, is available for YOU in Law Enforcement. Advanced Combat HelmetACH Protecting the Protectors ...

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ACH / MICH, PASGT & High Cut Note: Export of Helmets with Rails and/or NV Shrouds from the U.S. requires an export permit Ballistic Helmets (aka Kevlar ® Helmets) offer good ballistic protection from Fragmentation and most pistol caliber threats which is why you see most military and SWAT teams in helmets.

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There is no NIJ ballistic helmet standards (at least that I can find), though most helmets are rated for pistol rounds (just like II or IIIA body armor is). Per MSA's website, their MICH is rated for: Ballistic Resistance. 9mm, 124 grain, FMJ @ 1450 fps, backface < 12 mm. Fragmentation Resistance.

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Advanced Combat Helmet 7 Pad Kit. Helmet Pad Features: 7- #6 (3/4") Thick Foam Pads. 1-Crown Pad. 2-Trapezoid Front and Rear Pads. 4-Oblong …

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Advanced Combat Helmet (ACH): The Official United States Military Issue Kevlar Advanced Combat Helmet - A.C.H. - provides improved ballistic and impact protection. Advanced Combat Helmet is based on the MICH (Modular Integrated Communications Helmet ) design and provides an improved helmet to Soldiers, replacing the older PASGT (Personal Armor ...

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how set ach helmet helmet cover az thin ach helmet pads les light helmet ach helmet sizing inforce helmet light ach helmet mount helmet bracket ach covers helmets ach ach helmet goggle msa ach helmet ach helmet sticker. ... Full Metal MICH ACH Helmet NVG PVS-7 14 NV Goggle Bracket Mount & Screw Black for Hunting. US $8.46. 1 sold + Shipping: US ...


The L110 Combat II ballistic helmet at ACH weight offers rifle bullet protection from 7.62 x 51 mm M80 NATO Ball round, V0 at 2200 fps. To add to its high ballistic protection, it provides a V 50 for 17 grain FSP ≥ 3281 ft/sec (1000 m/sec). Manufactured with Ultra-High Molecular Weight

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How do I know what size product/helmet I should order. Available product sizing information is located on individual product pages of this site. If you need or would like to discuss sizing for any of our products, please contact us for assistance.

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This helmet is the real deal but it's being sold strictly as an awesome collectible or a prop to be used in a play, a military tribute, or as part of a costume. The Advanced Combat Helmet (ACH) is based on the MICH (Modular Integrated Communications Helmet) design and provides an improved helmet to soldiers, replacing the older PASGT.

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Integrated Head Protection System (IHPS) is the Army's newest helmet designed to replace the ECH and ACH used by close-combat units for the last two decades with with "100 percent greater blunt impact protection," Lt. Col. Ginger …

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Lancer Tactical Airsoft Tactical ACH MICH 2001 Simple Helmet - TAN SKU: CA-838T. $16.00 Qty . View Details. SOLD OUT. Map Protected Price is map protected. Lancer Tactical MICH 2000 ACH Tactical Helmet - BLACK SKU: CA-839B. $25.69 Qty . …

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Genuine Usgi Ach Mich Msa Sds Helmet With Multicam Cover - Medium. 4.8 out of 5 stars 7. $370.00 $ 370. 00. Get it as soon as Wed, Dec 8. $17.00 shipping. Only 7 left in stock - order soon. OSdream MICH Helmet Accessory Rail Mount Kit Helmet Side Rail Guide DE. 3.8 out of 5 stars 138. $20.99 $ 20. 99.

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SA-ACH BUSHWACKER Level IIIA Helmet. The Level IIIA BUSHWACKER ACH style helmet comes complete with the BOA™ (boltless retention system) and 7-Pad Zap™ comfort helmet pad set. This helmet was specifically developed to meet the stringent requirements of the DEA, FBI, and Germany's VPAM 3 test protocols, and is unique as it provides reduced trauma and …

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ACH/MICH Mid Cut Bulletproof Helmet The ACH/MICH Mid Cut Helmet was designed to replace the in service PASGT helmet. The ACH/MICH mid cut share many of the same features as the ACH/MICH helmet but offers a raised ear for integration with communications...

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for Advanced Combat Helmet (ACH) • Graphic Training Aid GTA 07-08-001, ACH and PASGT Proper Wear and Adjustment See PS 626, page 53 for pad NSNs Standard pad configuration 642.54-55.indd 1-2 3/31/06 3:48:44 PM

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Pads Set (7 Pads) for MSA ACH MICH Kevlar Ballistic Helmet OR Single Pads Available Choose Option. In Stock SEE DETAILS BELOW, all pads are unused/new $19.95 Price Details PASGT Helmet Covers. In Stock ... U.S. Military Clothing Size Chart