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An IFAK treats the most deadly and most common injuries that someone on the ground can treat in the first place. This is why we aren't packing an AED, a hospital bed, a wash station, and other hospital gear. Lucas Chest Compression System, while awesome – you won't find it in an IFAK. Retail price: $15,000.

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Made of a heavy-duty construction that won't droop when a 2- or 3-pound firearm is holstered and attached. Comfortably built to ensure the belt doesn't impede your breathing when you're chasing a suspect, firing in the prone unsupported position or enjoying a rare moment of down time.

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Duty belts typically attach to an inner belt using a hook and loop lining system, forming a more rigid double-layered system, but stand-alone designs are also available. They are usually made of either plain or basketweave leather, particularly the classic Sam Browne design, or a high-strength synthetic material like ballistic nylon, with a ...

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Comparison of Load-Bearing Vest and Duty Belt. Conclusion. After a research team of UW-Eau Claire concluded that load-bearing vests are a healthier and safe alternative to the duty belt. According to that the Eau Claire Police Department has decided to make a significant change in their equipment. This equipment that officers have to carry can ...

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MOLLE 2″ LEO Duty Belt Rig. $ 129.97 – $ 164.97. The Blue Alpha 2″ LEO Duty Belt Rig is designed to be highly functional load bearing utility belt that can handle all your gear and was designed with Law Enforcement in mind. Load it up with a Duty holster, mag carriers, pouches, handcuffs and whatever else you need.

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Elite Survival Systems Lightweight Battle Belt Harness (5) $47.96 High Speed Gear Sure-Grip Padded Belt - Slotted (1) $120.00 5.11 1.75" Double Duty TDU Belt (10) $30.00

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Overview of the Blue Alpha Double BeltGet your own Blue Alpha belt: the 4MR Ranch Channel by:1) Giving this video a thumbs up2)...

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With over 150 different styles of duty belts, Galls is sure to have the high-quality police belt that you are looking for in the size, color and material that you need. Popular Duty Belts 5.11 Tactical has developed a 1.5" TDU Belt that is made from rip-resistant nylon webbing that endures the harshest treatment while out of patrol.

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Usually six or more keepers hold a duty belt in place. The most significant advantage of the keeper system is that once you unsnap the keepers, the entire duty belt comes off in one piece with all the equipment. It makes getting in and out of uniform much quicker. Shop Duty Belt Keepers. The third option is a Velcro double-belt system.

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Law enforcement officers have required duty gear that is needed to serve and protect. To ensure that police are prepared Galls offers over 1,300 holsters, batons, belt keepers, duty belts, duty gear holders and more. The required police duty gear will vary depending on the assignment, threat level and environment.

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Browse our selection of Blackhawk Duty Belts including 2" and 2.25" duty belts, inner belts, padded, and more.

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The only variance lies within the black trim found exclusively on the SENSHI belt. SHUTO: The SHUTO belt features a coarse nylon weave with an Ansi Certified Buckle. While it has the same strength nylon material, it lacks the D-Ring support the Task Force belts offer. This belt is the only one in the collection featuring gold plating on its buckle.

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Belt Kits & Battle Belts: Carrying on the Waist. Up until the mid-1990s, wearing gear around your waist was the most popular option within the US Military as well as others. This trend peaked with the ubiquitous ALICE gear. The shift away from this style of equipment coincided with a switch to vehicle-borne fighting and modern plate carriers.

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Tactical belts with all duty pouches and tactical pouches by Wilder Tactical. Made in the USA by a Veteran owned company.

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With my old duty belt I wore either a VTAC or 215 Gear Cobra belt as my pants belt. This worked fine as the Cobra Buckle didn't really create any bulk up front. The problem I had with the FatZombie was the way it has an overlapping front closure system. If I wore either of the Cobra pants belts there was way too much bulk up front.

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5.11 Tactical offers superior tactical apparel and gear for law enforcement, first responders, tactical operators and recreational enthusiasts. Shop 5.11 clothing & gear today!

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My Aching Back: Avoiding Injury from Duty Belts. After a few years of toting a duty belt and driving a cruiser you start to feel it. The workout routine helps, as does the constant shifting and movement of the belt when standing. Still, the job is taking a toll on your low back and posture. Maybe you saw a chiropractor or you try PT to get some ...

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Wolf Tactical designs mission-ready gear built to last. Crafted with premium materials, our tactical gear is made to help you survive any battle, and is widely used by law enforcement, military personnel, and outdoor enthusiasts.

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A Brief History of The Duty Belt. Duty belts were first used in the UK during the late 1800s, when police were required to carry so much equipment that it no longer made sense for them to force items into their pockets. These early belts were made of leather, and the pouches were not detachable.

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Blue Alpha Gear is a small American business in Atlanta, GA that makes high quality products catered to the outdoor and shooting community. We take pride in offering a great value for our products and great service to our customers.All of our products have a Lifetime Warranty and we have Free Shipping on all orders in the U.S.

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MOLLE or Belt Attachment Method . The Micro TKN Belt Pouch is available in two attachment / wear methods. The "Belt Pouch" version features two adjustable hook and loop tabs that can fit on almost any belts - from every day pants belts to 2" duty belts. The Belt Pouch version can also be mounted on MOLLE.

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A true ambidextrous IFAK that can be worn on your armor carrier, battle belt and duty belt. Make more room up front and affix the Viper IFAK to the rear of your armor carrier or battle belt. The Viper Flat IFAK comes in two sizes. The full size ( VFIFAK-A1) accommodates the SOF-IFAK SOCOM medical contents and the Mini Version ( VFIFAK-A1-B ...

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XS AND XL ARE MADE TO ORDER - 2-3 WEEKS LEAD TIME FROM THE TIME YOU ORDER. THANKS. Ronin Tactic's Special Edition SENSHI belt is the tactical gun belt used by Team Ronin. Made with a nylon weave camouflage material with black trim, this belt provides the shooter with a stiffer platform. The SENSHI Belt was designed and developed on the battle …

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05-30-2002, 06:43 PM. While up at Police Week in DC earlier this month, I noticed something. Several LEO's, from various agencies, apparently had their duty belts run through their trouser loops. By this I mean the whole bat belt - 2" leather, with holster, cuff cases, magazine pouch, ASP holder, etc. As someone who has always had a separate ...

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Here is my #1 pick for the best tactical belt out there: The Blue Alpha Double Rig Belt. The magic of this tactical battle belt is that it allows you to have the load bearing capability of the bigger battle belts while still maintaining the low-profile design of a smaller duty belt. If you would like to see a video review of the belt, scroll down.

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Hook-outer belts (well, any Velcro line belt, really) also allow you to Velcro a pad to the inside to use as a mini battle belt or to wear over heavier layers. Wearing a thin, semi-rigid, wide (1.75"), cinchable nylon underbelt has definitely helped alleviate some back pain from a duty belt the last 16 years.

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Padded battle belts usually include a hook and loop under-belt that goes through the loops and attach to the outer belt. Keepers are often added to line up both belts. A good tactical belt is considered a lighter and more comfortable option versus the battle belt and can be combined with concealed or duty components. Tactical belts commonly ...

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I have a military-style belt that his metal holes for supporting equipment. This belt is tough and it is quite heavy when weighted down with equipment. So suspenders are needed. Enter the cool-looking, heavy-duty and useful military LC-2 suspenders with metal clips that attach to …

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The small belts come usually in 1.75 width to 2 inches wide. This will fit the belt loops on some pants (but that defeats the purpose of wearing a battle belt). These belts can be worn with uniforms in some cases as they are not that different than the standard issued police duty belt. I was lucky to get my hands on three of them.

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5.11 Trainer Belt. Stainless steel buckle and ripstop strap fabric stand up to intensive everyday use. Best Versatile. Helikon-Tex Cobra Range Belt. Aerospace aluminum buckle and foam padded strap perfect for intensive and extended operational use. Best for Duty. Condor LCS Cobra Gun Belt.

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VTAC Battle Belt - Big and Tall Our Price: $139.99 . VTAC Cobra® Belt - Big and Tall Section Our Price: $94.99 . VTAC Cobra® Belt: VTAC Battle Belt - Big and Tall: VTAC Cobra® Belt - Big and Tall: VTAC Scuffle Belt Our Price: $29.95 . VTAC Combat Suspenders Our Price: $49.95 . VTAC Suspenders "T"


2.25" Ergonomic Padded Duty Belt$34.80. Shop. Quick view Compare Select.

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How to Set Up a Duty Belt. When setting up a police duty belt, start at the mid-point, or buckle area, and move in a clockwise direction (to the right):. Handcuffs and Case: This is the first item immediately to the right of the mid-point. Carrying your handcuffs in this position allows access by either hand. Two pairs or a dual cuff case can be carried in this location instead.

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PatrolTek™ duty belts and accessories are made using the same tri-laminate construction technology of the Bianchi AccuMold® products.. Featuring a 600-denier ballistic nylon within the laminate, this line is lightweight and weather-proof and perfect for those looking for quality duty gear with exceptional pricing.

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Duty belt discomfort is a common complaint and a significant health and safety issue for uniformed police personnel. Pain in the low back, hip and pelvis can be caused by pressure exerted by the edges of the duty belt, holster shank …